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Selecting a Design for Garden Shed

Matching the basic design:

It will be wise to get the design of your garden shed in Limerick, Ireland is coordinated with the looks of:

  • Your house
  • The garden itself
  • The adjacent buildings in Limerick, Ireland

Remember that your garden shed should become a part of your overall landscape. So the appearance of the shed should look harmonious to that of the house and the garden. Imagine having a traditional house in Limerick, Ireland , and choosing a garden shed with an ultramodern look for it! If the garden shed is completely mismatched, then the overall look over your property in Limerick, Ireland will go awry.

Overall style of the shed

This will vary according to the personal tastes and preferences. If you are planning to install the shed yourself, then sticking to a simpler design might help. If you choose an elaborate design, then make sure that you get professional fitters in Limerick, Ireland to come and install it.

Size and shape

Determine the dimensions of your garden shed. Start by measuring the area on which the garden shed will be erected. Then proceed to measure the size of the walls, height of the ceiling the roof and its pitch.


You will need to decide about:

  • The wall colour scheme – You might wish to paint the shed in order to make it look better. This paint will also act as a preservative coating for the shed.
  • How strong the wall should be – If you are planning to store valuables in the shed, it will be wise to choose walls made of a stronger material.
  • Whether to insulate the wall or not – If you are planning to use the garden shed as a play area for your kids, a home office, or any other purpose for which prolonged human presence will be there, insulating the walls will be a good idea for getting protection from the weather in Limerick, Ireland .


Decide on whether you will need to open the windows, or just need them so that light can pass through. Ideally, if you are going to use the shed only as a storage space, you will not need them to open. Otherwise if you are planning to use the shed as a workspace, then you might need to open them to let fresh air to enter the shed.


If you are planning to use the shed for storing large equipment or maybe garden tools, then select a large door. However, much smaller doors will be fine if you plan to use it as a workspace.

The roof

The style and pitch of the roof will have a great impact on the look of the garden shed. See some samples and decide which one you would like. The material of the roof covering also has to be decided carefully.

You can get many design ideas from Easy Kit Garden Sheds, a renowned dealer of garden sheds in Ireland. They will give you great advice, show samples of the sheds they sell, and help you decide on which one is right for you.