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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Process of Hydroseeding

The practice of hydroseeding was first developed in the United States of America in the early 1950s. It was a much awaited project and a lot of people were excited at its advent. However, the problem remained that it was a very basic and rudimentary development. It was not at all what it is now. However, it was still a revolutionary development in the field of agriculture and landscaping. Companies specializing in these fields were glad at this new technology. As time passed, its use spread abroad and its popularity soared. The second country to adopt the practice was the UK. This was in the 1960s. After this period, the process started to be used in numerous countries all around the world. It was, and still is, used for beautifying sites such as commercial grounds, golf courses, lawns, parks and much more. One of its advantages is that it could be used on slopes where grass cannot grow properly.

The process of Hydroseeding Geelong is especially interesting. The hydroseeding mixture is actually one of grass seeds, slurry, water, fertilizers and mulch. All of these ingredients are important. There is also a special reason why all of these ingredients are used. The grass seeds, of course, are the main ingredients as grass develops out of these. The slurry is what makes the entire mixture dense.

Mulch is the ingredient which is responsible for building the environment for the grass to flourish so fast. It makes the environment humid and sustainable. Water is important as it offers the preliminary nourishment for the seeds. It is also the medium for the sprays. Sometimes, other ingredients are used in the mix as well, such as a green dye for adding a natural color, as well as various tackifying agents. These additional components do not decrease the effectiveness of the mix.

Here are some of the advantages of the hydroseeding mix. The very first advantage of the process is that it provides faster results. Hydroseeding as a process is well known all over the world for being the fastest way to grow grass. One of the reasons behind this is the nature of the mix itself. It creates a suitable environment for the growth of plants faster.

The second advantage of the process of hydroseeding is that it is cost effective. In comparison, sodding, which is the traditional method of grass growing, is labor intensive as a process and therefore costs a lot. This process, according to estimations, costs 3 to 5 times that of hydroseeding. This makes it the best method of growing real grass on your property since it is cost effective and fast. In the case of sodding, you need to hire a lot of people for laying the sod. Since it is not a matter of a single day, but months, depending on the area, you need to pay a lot.

The third advantage of the process is that it is highly effective for erosion control. This is especially true when the environment is a sloping hillside. Lastly, due to the process, the grass has a healthier growth and a longer life. Furthermore, the distribution is even all over the area.

Duckweed Plant in Pond

With ideal pond conditions, a duckweed plant can bud and divide itself into two each day which means that it gets doubled and is able to cover the entire pond within weeks. Thus, duckweed can be a menace for your pond and due to its quick growth capability, many pond owners have learned that they can be a case study in exponential growth. Both watermeal and duckweed are found together in a pond and their presence is a serious concern to the aquatic fauna and flora as :

  • They block the passage of sunlight which is necessary for plants’ and animals’ existence.
  • This leads to killing off the healthy species including the water-cleaning algae.
  • If this algae is not present in the water body, nutrient levels will explode and there will be bloom of unhealthy algae all around with a significant buildup of organic debris.
  • Anaerobic bacteria create toxic water conditions that adversely impact turtles, fish and other plants so the duckweed gets proliferated quickly.

So you see how important it is to have a mechanism to control duckweeds. It is generally the large ponds or small manmade lakes that gets affected by rapid proliferation as the water therein is relatively stagnant. Ponds in small backyards are less vulnerable to growth of duckweeds because they do NOT grow in moving water and a pond with waterfall or fountain will keep the growth in check. So, if it gets hold, it is quite difficult to get rid of. Therefore, it is advisable to take duckweed control measures from the start.

For this, we would suggest to you a two-pronged strategy which will help you in completely eliminating weeds from your pond. The strategy will work in situations where the pond is entirely covered with duckweed. So, the first step in the removal process is –

  1. Removing the Duckweed Manually: Use your hand or a Water Beach Rake with a foam float to skim out as much duckweed as you can, you may also use a pool skimmer or fishing net. If you do it on a windy day, plants will be compressed on one side of the pond and you can get rid of these notorious weeds in no time. Inevitably, a few tiny weeds will retain in the pond, but once the majority of them are taken out, use the second step of the strategy –
  2. Use Herbicides: To control or kill duckweeds from its root, contact, selective and systemic herbicides are available in all the three forms – liquid, granular and pellets. The major constituents of these chemicals are Fluridone, 2, 4 – D and flumioxazin. It is highly recommended that you should not make use of these herbicides in excess. Use it optimally as prescribed on the bottle/packet.

Greenhouse Gardening Accessories

You can buy greenhouse garden accessories online at any time. This is not such important matter. But it is definitely important to consider greenhouse issues. First of all, the gardener should understand the entire matter. Greenhouse helps the gardeners to fight against unpleasant weather or growing region to produce healthy crops. Basically, greenhouse gardening is used to be the sole domain of commercial plant producers who requires a controlled and secure environment to grow flowers and other food crops. Due to the advancement of modern technology and techniques, there are many new and improved greenhouses in the market. Some of these accessories can be found in most of the gardens in the UK. Two things must be considered before buying greenhouse tools: Do you really need the tools? And secondly, if yes, then, then how to decide what kind of accessories will be suitable?

Why Greenhouse tools are required?

Modern gardeners are embracing greenhouse techniques and tools mainly because of three reasons.

A. Modern technology and materials have made greenhouses reasonable and long lasted:

The new materials used in the greenhouses are lower in cost and they also help to increase the lifespan of the newly designed tools of this type. A wide variety of this type of accessories is available at market in all sizes and shapes.

B. Food Security is increased:

Many people suspect the food crops and vegetables sold in the markets as the farmers use excessive synthetic fertilisers and pesticides to grow crops in a short period of time. Therefore, many people are trying to grow food crops in their garden. And for this purpose, greenhouse tools are required to adjust the environment suitable for vegetable gardening.

C. Greenhouse gardening accessories to control Climate threats:

In the ancient days, it was thought that nothing can control climate or weather. Now it has become partial truth. Yes, the entire climate of a country or a large region may not be controlled. But certain small spaces can be saved from the climate threats. Many gardeners are buying modern greenhouse equipment to save the plants from heat, snowfall, and other challenges.

Some effective greenhouse tools are greenhouse repair tape (helps to repair any split in the cover), capillary matting watering (helps to retain water), tri-laminated bubble insulation (insulates greenhouses in order to retain heat, stabilizes UV and protects plants), and soil warming/heating cable (propagates seeds and cuttings in a cold frame).

The Benefits of Reel Lawn Mower

When you think of mowing the sudden image comes to our mind is that of something called rotatory machine, where as reel lawn mowers is a grass cutting device. Unless you have used reel lawn mowers has an engine. It is invented by a man called Edwin budding in 19th century, It has a sharp blades to cut the grass, but the power is supplied to the machine from our own muscles.

Environment will be clean, it offers many benefits in safety, noise level, maintenance, and cost also. Modern machines will be easier to use than older models, and it appeal to many types of people, environmentalists, frugal, hoe ever you should be committed to move when the grass is ready not whenever you get around to do it. And unless you don’t mind the extra work of raking up twigs before hand, don’t use the machine for large areas with lots of trees, since you can’t ride rough over twigs.

Reel lawn mowers are cheap, including no maintenance costs, safe, pollution free, and it’s not good for tall grass or for shredding twigs, leaves. Blades spin on plane parallel to the ground in perpendicular way it has no engine where as it will be push type which means no gas no pollution, no noise, no oil check, no filter to clean, no spark plugs, and it’s of light weight and easy to push. And where as its completely human powered.

Whereas it depends on human force, and the overall construction will be that of small cart with long handle, most of the machines feature two primary wheels on a single axle, with bar of rollers. And secondary wheels in the rear. And rear roller is simply provide the balance, while primary wheels provide the motion to turn the mower easily. A person pushes on the handle bars by applying force, when the force is applied it moves down the handle pushing the mower forward on its wheels. As the axle turns it send a pair of gears spinning. Whereas first gar has a larger diameter than the smaller one.

The brush bar on the fore of the mower bends tall grass folding it over in to the spinning blades, so that it will cut properly. The spinning reel may look impressive, it does not cut the grass itself actually it happens when the spinning edges meet the stationary edges cutter bar. Most of the grass falls behind the mower, allowing for the use of collection tray on the bag.

Reel lawn mowers are very simple and human friendly; there these are four kinds of mowers, push, and walk behind power, riding power, and tow behind gang mower. Where push mowers are very simple and powered by human beings to push them and it is used in small lawns. it is driven independently and is used for golf greens.

Currently there are two cutting mechanisms are very common in our daily life .Mowers are those with a set of blades and a stationary horizontal blade, where the axle is attached to gear mounted in one of the wheel in order to spin the blades for grass cutting even when mower moves slowly it helps to cut the grass. Secondly those who blades spin horizontally on a vertical draft, and fast cutting will be due to blades will be striking the grass in very high speed.

Where the above two Mechanisms of reel lawn mower lead to different kind of results finally, where as in the rotary mowers where as the blade will not be sharp enough to cut the grass cleanly .the cylinder type mowers and manual mowers usually work by scissor on blades.”REEL LAWN MOWERS” need power for two purposes one is to cut and another one is to move. The act of pushing and pulling a reel mowers power for cutting and moving at the same time. The grass cutting may be powered by either an internally or electric motor even. While the power source are supplied by the user or another external source.